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Add or edit my guest's Convention Registration

V1.1 - release date December 8, 2017

NOTE: You must have previously registered yourself before you can add guests.

This page shows the conventions(s) that you can register for in your district. Enter your membership number or email, then select the guest you want to add or edit. Click the button at the bottom to add or edit your guest's registration details.

If your email is not recognised, please check your entry on and use the "Check My Emails" feature to bring that through to the NZ Club Finder if needed.

If you have recently joined, your membership number may not be recognised for a few days. Other issues or questions, please contact


Please check this is the convention for which you want to register

The convention in your District for which you can register guests is shown below. Select (or add) your guest to add or edit your guest's details. 

NOTE: Any correspondence regarding your guest(s) will come to you.