TMNZ Club Finder

Check my Email Addresses

V1.0 - release date Feb 26th, 2017

Your address on the Club Finder can be different from that held at World Headquarters. If you change your address at WHQ, this will not immediately go through the Club Finder. This feature shows you the email addresses that are stored for you. 

Enter your Membership number (without any zeros at the front)

 Enter your membership number (its on the label of your Toastmaster magazine) and press Tab to show the emails.

Recorded email addresses

You can choose to align the NZ Club Finder address with the WHQ one, or simply update that address in your profile. To change the WHQ address, please log on to and change in the "My Toastmasters" section.

If either address shows as "Not supplied", please ask a Club Officer to set one up for you at WHQ. You will need a valid email to participate in the new Pathways programme when it becomes available.